There happens much argument in the log home manufacturing about the legitimacy of mass-produced log homes associated to customary hand-hewn log homes. Some advocates of the hand cut log home school (and these are normally craftsmen who hand-cut logs and are specialists in full-log custom building methods) will dispute that a log house constructed using milled log is not a genuine log home. The majority of log home owner, who unpredictably own mass-produced log homes, would possibly argue then.


So, at this point, you might be asking what are the foremost differences between hand-cut log homes and milled or manufactured log homes by Log Home Builders Flathead Lake. The important difference amid hand-cut and machine-cut log homes is that entire logs are used in handcrafted log constructions. Machine-cut log homes are built with material that has been cut, milled and planned to make consistency among the pieces. Some say this process eliminates most of the regular characteristics of the logs (which give the logs charm). The trademark of handcrafted log structures is the use of full length logs to construct the walls. Machine-cut log constructions may have rammed joints within their walls.


In reality, the majority of log homes constructed today use mass-produced or milled logs. If you were to ask any of the tens of thousands of synthetic log home owners if their home absences the character or charm of a hand-cut log home, most would laugh uproariously and confirm their manufactured log home is every bit as rural, delightful and genuine as a hand-cut log home. watch this video at for more details about log cabins.


There are numerous very respectable reasons for the increase in fame of milled or manufactured log homes. Perhaps the most significant of which is affordability. Skilled craftsmen don't come inexpensive. And unless you plan on falling your own logs, hand peeling them yourself and fitting all the logs together; this is time consuming, thorough and lavish work. There is a certain cost associated with this method of building. Moreover, use of whole log means giving a premium for adequately big logs to do the job.



Today's technology has made the milling process much more reproducible and economical. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences and budgetary considerations. And inevitably, if budget is a concern, milled logs can offer a very economical alternative. Remember this: When guests, friends and family come to visit your manufactured Log Homes Sandpoint, most will comment on what a nice, charming log home you have and very few will comment that it's too bad you didn't go with hand-cut logs.